EDM- Electric Discharge Machining is a machining process that uses a series of electric discharges (sparks) to erode material from a work piece.

Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Grinding EDM and Hole Drilling EDM are products manufactured by NOVICK®. Electrical Discharge Machining can be used to machine any electrical conductive materials of any hardness to an accuracy of up to one-thousandth of a millimeter with no mechanical action. By virtue of these properties, EDM is key technology in the manufacture of high-performance molds, press tools for the series production of plastic, glass and metal parts, and for the direct machining of complex mechanical precision components.

Die Sinking EDM

novick Die Sinking EDM

Our Die Sink EDM is more precise than most in the market because of the fixed worktable, precision servo motors and superior CNC functions.


Wire cut EDM

novick Wire cut EDM

With surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.4 µm and easy-to-use full featured CNC, NOVICK wire cut EDM is a useful addition to any machine shop.


Grinding EDM

novick Grinding EDM

This process is hybrid of EDM and grinding. This process uses metallic grinding wheel without abrasive particles.


High Speed Drill EDM

novick High Speed Drill EDM

The very user-friendly numerical control for all three axes, makes it possible to drill from 0.3 mm diameter with a max. diameter-depth ratio of 1:200


In modern machining technology, there is an ever-increasing trend towards high levels of availability and greater flexibility. The demand is for even better machining quality at more affordable price, shorter turnaround times, and improved, more cost-effective solutions. The future oriented strategy for the standard machines produced by NOVICK® is based on this development. From NOVICK’s complete range of EDM machines, all toolmakers, mold makers and components manufacturers can select affordable individual high tech solutions to gain a competitive edge.