NOVIFORM : Die sinking at it's best

Noviform®: Creating fantastic results with erosion.

Probably the least complicated EDM machine available!

Our new generation of high performance Noviform Smart ZNC EDM with third generation Fuzzy Logic numerical control and super low wear circuits design, promises to offer an evolutionary alternative to conventional EDM.

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350 Smart - Our Best Seller !

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Smart 350: Every workshops first need!


The Noviform-U is the most compact universal electrical discharge machine in the standard level segment. The new, modern machine design creates homogeneity with the entire Novick product range.


Noviform®  U Series offers you a broad range of 2 die sinking machines of different table sizes. What they both have in common is high precision, reliability and affordable prices: all valuable characteristics the machines owe to our well proven and highly advanced technology.


All Noviform®-U machines are built around a proven heavily ribbed cast iron “C” frame, delivering mechanical stability and precision for the lifetime of the machine, regardless the work piece weight or the dielectric volume


  • High precision, high productivity machine stuffed with all features possible
  • 3 axis cnc + optional C-axis + orbit II ® function + expert3 + DSAPCS pro
  • Smallest increment 0.001mm, surface roughness achievable Ra = 0,14um (0,28 um for models with x > 1000mm) with high mirror finish


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A veritable concentration of innovation and technology, the Noviform-P® range indeed merits its name. By giving you the opportunity to greatly increase your useful machining time, the new Noviform-P® machines allow you to take pole position in your markets.


  • High precision, productivity and power all in one, stuffed with all the features available
  • Closed loop direct absolute measuring system with precision of 0,25 micron
  • 4 axis cnc control + orbit II ® function + expert3 + C-axis + ATC + DSAPCS pro
  • Smallest increment 0.001mm, surface roughness achievable Ra = 0,10um with super mirror finish


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