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How to remove broken taps?

How to Remove a Broken Tap, Stud, bolt, or pressed in pin?

How to Remove Broken Drill Bit From Metal

Wondering the best way to remove broken drill bits from metals? Novick has been providing high quality broken tap, drill, stud, and bolt removal EDM / MDM machines since long, all based on the EDM drilling technology of the Novidrill series. Our technology safely removes the broken drill in seconds without causing any damage to the surrounding part. Our spark erosion and metal disintegration technology often saves our clients thousands of dollars by not causing damage to expensive parts. 

Our unique process disintegrates only the center out of a broken tap or drill leaving the threads intact. The process can cut square or round shapes to back out studs or bolts, remove large studs by a series of cuts, emboss identification on rolls of steel, bore holes and counter bore. Our Novimax machine can help you reclaim expensive parts, provide immediate repairs on all types of equipment, and eliminate production overruns and late deliveries.

Which electrodes to use when burning away your broken taps and tools.

Electrode choice for broken tap remover,

NOVIMAX Metal Disintegrators and Spark Erosion Machines can use any material that conducts electricity as an electrode. However, different materials offer varying levels of efficiency in the process. It is important to use an electrode material that adapted for the job and the work piece.

Cupper Electrodes

Materials with low melting points, such as copper, erode as rapidly as the work material, requiring frequent replacement, which adds to your cost. But the burning will go very fast due to the good conductivity of copper/brass.  Copper electrodes will get hot. With heat they can bend and warp damaging the hole. 

Molybdenum Electrodes

It is important to use an electrode material that breaks down less than the work piece to have a long electrode life. Materials with low melting points, such as copper, erode as rapidly as the work material, requiring frequent replacement.  Due to their high melting temperature Molybdenum electrodes outperforming other electrode materials.

Graphite Electrodes

Graphite has several advantages over other materials. It is resistant to thermal shock. It is the only material in which mechanical properties increase with temperature. It has a low CTE for geometrical stability. It is easily machined. It does not melt but sublimes at very high temperature (3,400ºC), and finally, its density is lower (five times less than copper) which means lighter electrodes. Graphite removes material better than copper or copper-tungsten while wearing slower. The wear rate tends to diminish as the discharge increases, unlike copper, whose wear increases at higher currents. Therefore, graphite is suited for the machining of large electrodes since working with a high current intensity provides decreased roughing time.

Although graphite is prone to abnormal discharge, this can be eliminated through quality flushing, and lowering the intensity of discharge during negative polarity machining. However, as a result of this tradeoff, machining tungsten carbides is more difficult than with copper-tungsten electrodes. Also, since graphite is a ceramic, it is sensitive to mechanical shock, and consequently must be handled and machined with care.

The Many Benefits of a Novimax

At Novick we know that time is important to you. However, how often can you get things done faster without sacrificing quality? Not very often. This is not the case here. We have been providing the world with the highest quality EDM machines.

The benefits of using our metal disintegrators are numerous.

  • SAVE TIME– Broken taps, drills, and bolts can be removed in seconds. This doesn’t have to be a long process using a cheap machine that may even not get the job done. Other technology can take up to hours to get done.
  • SAVE MONEY – Our technology allows you to not damage expensive parts that can be destroyed using a cheap disintegrator or spark erosion machine.
  • QUALITY – Looking for a used machine? Used machines will not be as efficient. Can you take that risk? Our machines have proven to be faster, more efficient, and the most cost effective method to remove broken tools, studs, taps, bolts, drills or fasteners. These machines leave the hole intact which will minimize damage to expensive parts.

Our tap disintegrators work well with all hardened metals like High Speed steel tooling, Carbides and soft cast metals. 

Difference between MDM and EDM

Metal Disintegrators or MDM machines (Metal Disintegrating Machines) are manufactured for the specific purpose of removing broken tools from work pieces. The metal disintegration process removes a tap, bolt or drill leaving the hole intact and allowing a part to be reclaimed.

The difference between MDM and EDM is speed, cost and accuracy. MDM removes material very fast. MDM uses a spark erosion process commonly used for destructive cutting. Typical application includes broken tool extraction (taps, drills, reamers, drill bits) metallurgical sample excavation and bolt removal. There is no faster or efficient or cost effective method to remove broken tools, studs or fasteners than MDM.

Using an EDM to remove broken tooling is possible, but it is more time-consuming, the equipment cost more and has limitations. First, the part has to be small enough to fit in the dielectric fluid container. Second, an die sinking EDM machine will take hours to extract a 20mm tap, where an MDM will take just minutes. Third, the MDM process does not require submersion of the part. Lastly, die sinking EDM machines are significantly more expensive than MDMs and tying up an expensive production machine with tooling extraction could be costly.


What happens when you break a tap or a bolt in a component whose price tag sits in the hundreds, thousands or in the tens of thousands. Just drilling it out and throwing in a nut insert stops being acceptable. Is there a way to remove the tap without damaging the master part at all?

Well, that’s where NOVIMAX comes in.