Continental Automotive uses our Noviform in the moulding shop

Continental® AG is among the most important suppliers for the auto industry in the world in the field of braking systems, propulsion and chasses systems, dashboard panels, infotainment solutions, electronic systems for cars, tires and technical products made of elastomers.

Continental Automotive Romania SRL, as part of Continental® AG GROUP is one of the most important suppliers of electronic equipment for the auto industry, covering the fields of safety braking systems, dashboard displays and chassis components (electronic parking assistance).

At Brasov Continental Automotive Romania has a plant for the manufacturing of electro-mechanic parts, namely fuel delivery pumps, which will be installed on the most renowned auto brands in Europe. Among the customers of the Brasov plant are important players on the car market, such as: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen Group, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault and Ford. Continental is one of the top specialists in the world in fuel delivery and supplies these products to all car factories in the entire Europe, straight from Brasov.

The new plant was built to considerably increase long term competitiveness in Europe. One of the main reasons for this is its constant orientation towards quality. Continental’s initiative “Quality first” is also enforced here. Thus, all the production processes are complying with the Continental philosophy - “zero mistakes”. 

A major activity is that of research-development in the field of auto industry, with the strategic objective of reducing car pollution, increasing safety in car use, decreasing fuel consumption and increasing the interactivity between vehicles and the environment. 

Continental® is a company that is ready for the future. With the divisions ContiTech, Anvelope and Automotive, is has a unique portfolio, which ensures a stable and continuous development against the market fluctuations. Moreover, the integration of the automotive division Siemens VDO has launched Continental in a new league, transforming the venture in a supplier for the auto industry able to provide integrated systems and solutions for the mega-trends of the future: safety, ecologic orientation and interconnected information.

The undisputed qualities of Novick products are more and more noticed among the great industrial companies. The attention to detail, the incorporated state of the art technology, the high reliability parts are only a few aspects that bring these machines to the attention of all those who place quality first.

The by Continental selected die-sinking EDM machine to be integrated in their technology center is a Noviform model, that incorporates the latest technology worldwide in the field of die-sinking EDM. 

Our Noviform-U machine was selected as the optimum solution for the production activity due to its high precision and speed, it's interesting price as well as for its proven reliability over time.