another automotive Giant has chosen NOVICK EUROPE.

Mei Ta Group aspires to be the world leader in turbo-housings

Novicut-M machines used as EDSaw

MEI TA Group, specialized in the turbochargers market, is producing turbine housings, center housings and integrated manifolds which are used on turbochargers.  All of the castings and machine processing are made in their own factories. Their products are successfully used by Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford, GM, VW, Toyota, BMW, Renault, PSA, VOLVO and other international well-known brands and have won high praise from their customers.

Mei Ta Group aspires to be the world leader in this high-tech and high demanding market and to cope with the expanding turbo market they build a complete 40 Ha big and 60 million euros costing plant in Serbia.

Their innovative design of their turbocharger housings reduces fuel consumption in every vehicle where it is built in. This GREEN result is based on their top technology in casting and the selective materials processed. They are among the very few in the world who are able to provide these high demanding components with enough high resistance to fulfill the growing demand of the ecological minded automotive market.

Following the contemporary trend of demands to reduce emissions with an increase in temperature of exhaust gases, as well as reducing fuel consumption while reducing the weight of the product, MEI TA Group applies the very latest technology to meet customer expectations. By using their top-notch technology which is probably the most evolved in the world, they are able to produce components who resist this harmful high temperature and pressure environment as the exhaust of an engine.

In their search for a Wire cut EDM to increase the capacity and throughput, MEI TA Europe Ltd found Novick Europe and bought two second Generation Novicut 350M-II machines to install in their new Green field plant in Serbia.

Novick Europe was the perfect partner that assisted them with a solution to their particular needs. Two Novick machines have been delivered and installed on time, and commissioning and training went without hitch.

 Our NOVICUT M-II, second Generation Wire cut machines, are of high performance and low cost and leads the industry in Molybdenum wire cutting machines.

Some of the criteria that convinced Mei TA:
• Lowest running costs in the market
• The 2-year Warranty as standard
• High performance and fully reliable
• Service team available through Europe
• Brilliant Surface finish Quality
• Fuzzy logic technology system that increases the productivity with 30%.

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