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Only 10 minutes needed to solve your broken tap headache.

Portable High power Edm Drilling Machine

With the rapid development of automation equipment, high demand of products’ precision and extensive usage of difficult-to-cut materials in machining, tools broken into work pieces has heavily affected the defective rate of products. The common methods of removing broken taps and drills are smashing items by hand, screwing them out after welding, or even acid corrosion and flame cutting, which contribute to low efficiency and damage to work pieces.

The newly innovated machine NoviMAX-3000 is based on the proven technique of the NoviMAX series, it can fast remove broken taps, drill, drift, screw, plug gauge, etc., without damaging to the work piece, easily process on work pieces at any size, especially effective for large machine tools.

The integral construction of this machine left a space for storage at the bottom of the power box which is convenient for managing the attachments. With a high efficiency in processing, it could remove broken tap, screw and is especially good at processing mark.

We offer you with this portable unit the most powerfull and the fastes broken tool removal unit on the market.

Portable and flexible

FOUR times faster than any competitor

One of the big advantages of using the NOVIMAX machine is it’s portability. Portability allows you to take the machine to the work spot and do the hole making or stud extraction work in place.  Without the portable NOVIMAX EDM, broken bolts or taps may require removal of the engine head or block in a car or truck, in order to extract the broken piece.  Or to move the heavy workpieces or broken molds to the extraxtion place.  Additionally the NOVIMAX Portable EDM machine will work in anydirections, ie, upside down or horizontally, etc. Most EDM machines are not portable and require that the work be taken to the machine.

Remove broken-off tools fast and reliable.

Superior technology for removing broken-off tools

Maximum power desintegrating everywhere!

Fast, flexible, reliable and powerfull.


Maximum portable power everywhere : Four times faster than any competitor

Handy storage space for all tools, electrodes and magnetic support in the housing.

All you need in one box : super portable always ready.

Desintegrating processing speed in steel

Electrode Ø5 = 2mm/min 


Electrode Ø12 =1mm/min


Remove your broken tap or bolts from size - M2 till M60 or even bigger

Only with NOVIMAX-3000+

Advantages or our NOVIMAX


  • Lightweight, small, compact table top design.
  • High speed and efficient, low operating costs.
  • Easy to use, easy removal of broken taps or other tools.
  • After sparking out the midpoint of the tap, or in case of big taps, one shoulder of the tap, it is possible to remove taps of standard sizes M2 - M70. If the electrode is modified in a lathe, possible to remove even bigger taps. After you remove the rest of the tap from thread hole, the thread hole will stay undamaged.
  • Uses ordinary tap water as a dielectric. The device can be used directly on the machinery without the need for an external clamped work piece. When used directly on the machine, it uses the coolant emulsion of the machine as a dielectric.
  • Uses standard brass rods as electrodes. Ordinary copper rods can also be used.
  • Easy to work with large work pieces.
  • Removes taps easily without damaging the threads.
  • Automatic feed into the Z axis to set the desired depth up to 70 mm.
  • Electrode holder till 13mm diameter
  • Depth adjustment (depth automatically stops at defined point).
  • Selectable shutdown time for accidental short circuiting.
  • Optional automatic extraction of the electrode from the hole for the set depth.
  • Depth adjustment check indicator, short circuiting indicator, overheat indicator.
  • Spark check indicator.
  • Possible to use for hole drilling in EDM wire cutters.
  • Possible to hole drilling into the sintered carbides (tungsten carbides), other heavily machinable steels and any conductive materials.

Broken tools removal and MUCH more

What comes with the machine in the box?

Everything, include cables fit in the back compartiment of the machine


On site spark erosion

Removing broken bolts

Removing broken screws

Removing broken studs

Small hole drilling

Drilling oil holes

Removing rivets

Marking metal material

Make a keyway

Removing broken taps

Removing broken Drill bits

Removing broken reamers

Removing broken mills

Removing broken drift pins

Removing broken-off hard metal tool insert parts

Removing broken gauges

Removing broken pins


Cars, trucks, SUV, ATV, UTV, boats, planes and trains with broken bolts, broken pins, broken studs, etc. can be repaired at our facility without removing the motor or major components.


For the machining industry our novimax removes broken taps, drills, pins. For all precision machine parts.


Damaged threads or holes can be repaired with either solid thread inserts, heli-coil, plugging or welding, depending on the job requirements after burning out of broken tool

Repair on a ship


From small to big job, flexible portable and efficient

    Novimax 3000+ edm competitor
Power avaialble kW 3,0 0,8
Broken tap removal Tap size M14 M14
Electrode size hexagon 8mm 8mm
Removal speed mm/min 1,69 0,64
Total time (depth=15mm) min 8,9 23.45
Broken Bolt Removal Bolt Size M20x2,5 M20x2,5
Electrode size hexagon 8mm 8mm
Time for 45 mm Depth min 84 221

Sample : Broken tap in Aluminium Engine block

Novimax : standard solution

Sample: Big broken tap M25 removal in mechanical steel part

Big broken bolt removal : bolt M 65 steel cut of by oxy - plasma

Novimax 3000+ working at its limits : 3kW fully needed for square 45 x 45 steel burning away

Sample: Big broken tap removal from cast iron part

Sample : Big broken tap in bottom of hole of an expensive stainless steel part removal

Without 3000Watt power NO chance to solve

Sample : Ship engine Repair : Broken stud in big ship engine removing diameter M28

On the spot repair : saving big money, not need to dismount full engine and ship could leave within 8 hours

Sample : Broken TIE-BAR removal diameter M 125 - Tie Bar from Main unit container vessel : Cost per day waiting time for a containership = 36.000, U$/day

This is what we call a big broken Bolt!!

The most affordable EDM Machine disintegrator

  • Low Cost.
  • Simple operation to quickly remove tooling with no damage to part.
  • Lightweight, compact, easily portable.
  • Durable construction for years of reliable use.

How to use the NOVIMAX?

Where to use Novimax?