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Novicut®: Wire cutting electrical discharge machining(WEDM)

High Speed Wire Cutting - HS-WEDM

2 Series of wire cutting machines :

M series reinvented wire cutting and brings us real High Speed Wire Cutting an P series for the known super precision machining



High speed Wire cutting Machine (HS-WEDM) with a Reciprocating Brass / Molybdenum wire. This wire cut machine (WEDM)is with the lowest running cost in the market and can reach the highest removal rate of more than 320 mm2/min and a best roughness of Ra <= 0,8 The wire is continuously re-usable.




Precision and high wire cut machine with continue fed copper/Brass-based wire for higher precision and high surface quality. The wire is usually made of brass or stratified copper, and is between 0.02 and 0.3 mm diameter and for single use

NOVICUT : Wire-cutting reinvented

Novicut®: Reduce your wirecutting cost drasticaly.

Novicut 1000 M II

NOVICUT M - Molybdenium Wire cutting

Lowest cutting costs in the market

Probably the machine with the lowest wire cutting cost in the market!

Rethink wire-cutting and reduce your cutting cost till 70%!

Our newest generation of high performance Novicut-M low cutting cost machine with third generation Fuzzy Logic numerical control and super low wear circuits design, promises to offer an evolutionary alternative to conventional brass wire WEDM.

Rethinkk your production to molybdenum wire cutting machines and safe HUGE.

New Third generation Model arriving :

Novicut M-III


NOVICUT : Wirecutting re-invented

Wire cutting at a 70% lower cost!!

70% cheaper wire cutting!!


Who is not interedsted in this?

Wirecutting reinvented : Molybdenum Technology

Saving 70% on wire cutting cost

More details on Noviform-M-II

Molybden Technology :
Lowest cutting cost in the market

Combined with Zirconium guiding wheels guarantees the fastest precision cutting in the market

NEW 2018 July 
Wide angle Cutting with Molybdenium wire

Taper cutting : ±15°/80mm

Zirconium Guiding Wheels

increased stroke on U&V Axis : 70mm


Details Novicut-M-III Wide Angle