What is Molybdenum?

Molybdenum is an element that shares many properties with tungsten. Like tungsten, it is very hard and has a very high melting point. Unlike tungsten, it has greater ductility and a lower density. In EDM, the similarities between molybdenum alloys and tungsten alloys result in a great amount of overlapping applications.

Molybdenum Characteristics

  • Properties are similar to those of tungsten and its alloys.
  • Molybdenum EDM Wire and Molybdenum EDM Electrodes are available in rods and tubes.
  • Low carbon arc cast (LCAC) molybdenum is available.
  • LCAC molybdenum is 99.97% pure, with a maximum carbon content of .01%.

Molybdenum wire cutting : Unknown in Europe and USA, but racing to the top now!

In Europe and USA are 98% of all sold wire EDM machines based on cupper/brass wire. In Asia, more than 60 % of the machines sold till now are based on the principle of reciprocating molybenium wire principe (jig-saw movement). The wire cost of our Novicut-M-II range is till 70% lower as a standard Cu/brass wire cutting machine.

Proven technology of reusable molybdenum wire brought to the precision standards of today.  With the design of the new wire-guides and the patented zirconium drive wheels, Novick succeeded to reach with a machine of half price of the copper/brass wire cutting machines, the level that is suitable for 98% of all parts: Ra<= 0.8µm and precision of +- 4µm

The new generator in combination with the new patented guiding system, and supported by the 4 step wire speed, has improved drastically the precision and the surface quality of the finished parts and this with a speed increase of around 40%.

With the Novicut 350M-II, you reach already a better surface roughness than Ra 1.0µm after three-cuts!

Novicut-M : cutting the toughest material economical and fast

Wire EDM Electrical Discharge Machining Machine Materials:

Our novicut M series can cut besdie all standard conductive materials also very easily following super hard and super tough materials:
Ti alloy, Titanium alloy, stainless steel, high alloy steel, Kovar steel, Inconel steel, carbon steel, exotic metal, Hastelloy, Ferro-tic, Stellite, Nitronic, Beryllium-copper alloy, Tungsten carbide, Nitralloy, Waspaloy, Nimonic, harden  toolsteel. PCD, etc

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