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Noviform®: Die Sinking electrical discharge machines (EDM)

Noviform Smart Series: ZNC EDM Machines

NOVIFORM : Zinkvonken met perfectie

Noviform®: de geboorte van fantastische resultaten

NOVIFORM S - Smart Series

Probably the least complicated EDM machine available!

Smart 350S: Every workshops first need!

Our new generation of high performance Noviform Smart ZNC EDM with third generation Fuzzy Logic numerical control and super low wear circuits design, promises to offer an evolutionary alternative to conventional EDM.

350 Smart - Our Best Seller !

Be smart : Buy a Noviform Smart

New Model arriving :

Noviform Smart 450S


NOVIFORM Smart-Plus Serie

Smart Plus & Smart-S Plus Serie


High quality finish - special hard materials

The new, modern machine design creates homogeneity with the entire Novick product range.

Smart S-Plus ALWAYS With double Z-axis!

Noviform Smart-S Series

Unbeatable Flexibility at an unbeatable Price!

This is why we call this Series our "SMART-S" Series

Super Smart


Compared to other machines, all our Smart machines have a double motorized stroke in the Z axis.
They reach much nearer to the table and higher up compared to any other maker!
This gives you the posibility to put your head very near to the table for high precision works, or put your head high up when you need to work on a big part. Other machines CAN NOT do this!

All our SMART-S models offer you this unbeatable flexybility!!





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