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NOVICK® the fastest growing EDM machine producer.

Excellent quality products with reasonable prices have been increasingly welcomed by worldwide buyers. In recent years, NOVICK has made breakthroughs in technology and machine quality. Rigorous quality control is thoroughly conducted throughout the entire manufacturing processes from warehousing, machining, assembling to quality control. In addition, utmost attention has been paid to every detail at each step during the manufacturing process. NOVICK EDMs have been sold to over 40 countries in the world, and exports to developed countries such as Europe and America are also increasing gradually. With an aim to present excellence, we constantly conduct problem analysis in detail, conclusion and arrangement and execution adjustment.


Novick Machine Range

Chip removal with Electro-erosion

NOVICK® is a leader in Achievement.

In modern machining technology, there is an ever-increasing trend towards high levels of availability and greater flexibility. The demand is for even better machining quality at more affordable price, shorter turnaround times, and improved, more cost-effective solutions. The future oriented strategy by NOVICK® for all the machines produced is based on this fundamental evolution in the market. From NOVICK®’s complete range of EDM machines, all toolmakers, mold makers and components manufacturers can select affordable individual high tech solutions to gain a competitive edge.

From the hearth of Europe,  Belgium, we aim to serve all West and East European Customers with the same respect. Multilanguage support by phone, good sales advice, experienced service team and a subsidury in East Europe for local support, gives our Customers a great and reliable sales and service platform.

With an experience as OEM manufacturer during more than 15 years for various famous Japanese and European Top brand EDM machine makers, NOVICK® combines their Japanese precision production knowledge with the acquired European innovation experience as fundamental base for producing high quality EDM machines at very affordable prices. Due to its state-of-the-art and high-precision manufacturing equipment, NOVICK® is known for the superior performance of its EDM machines while keeping the lowest cost of production.  Using our size, scale, and resources smartly, we keep costs to our customer down while ensuring uptime, products, and parts are available when you need them most. Continuous improvement and knowledge is what keeps customers coming back to Novick for all their EDM manufacturing solutions.

Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Grinding EDM and Hole Drilling EDM are products manufactured by NOVICK®.

Our affordable, reliable and efficient solution for your 3D cutting-off problem.

Novicut-M AM3D: best solution for your 3D AM metal parting


Worlds best solution for easy, reliable and economical cutting off your workpieces from the Metal 3D printer's base plate


We offer THE BEST Cutt-off tool

for Metal Additive Manufacturers


Our Machine do remove fast and at a fraction of the cost of the others, easily and economically all your parts from their base-plate made by following processes :


AM : Additive Manufacturing

RP : Rapid Prototyping

Power Bed Fusion

SLS : Selective Laser Sintering

SLM: Slective Laser Melting

DMLS : Direct Metal Laser Sintering 

EBM : Electron Beam Melting (Laser Cusing)

Metal Binder Jetting

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We guarantee worldwide safe, fast and efficient delivery

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