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Novicut-Series: Draadvonken met passie


Draadvonkverspaning (WEDM) is een onmisbare bewerkingstechniek voor het produceren van gecompliceerde uitsparingen door moeilijk te verspanen metalen zonder gebruik te maken van dure slijpbewerkingen of dure en speciale gereedschappen.

NOVICUT : Wire-cutting made affordable

Novicut®: Reduce your wire cutting cost.

NOVICUT-P360-II - Precision is all that matters

Highest precision at an affordable price

Novicut P360-II

The Noviform-P360-II offers a high level of flexibility and low running cost, the ideal machines for any EDM work shop.

The new, modern machine design creates homogeneity with the entire Novick product range.

Novicut®  P Series offers you a broad range of 2 die sinking machines of different table sizes. What they both have in common is high precision, reliability and affordable prices: all valuable characteristics the machines owe to our well proven and highly advanced technology.

All Novicut®-P machines are built around a proven heavily ribbed cast iron frame, delivering mechanical stability and precision for the lifetime of the machine, regardless the work piece weight or the dielectric volume

NOVIFORM S - Smart Series

Probably the least complicated EDM machine available!

Smart 350S: Every workshops first need!

Our new generation of high performance Noviform Smart ZNC EDM with third generation Fuzzy Logic numerical control and super low wear circuits design, promises to offer an evolutionary alternative to conventional EDM.

350 Smart - Our Best Seller !

Be smart : Buy a Noviform Smart

New Model arriving :

Noviform Smart 450S


With AC MOSFET high speed non-electrolytic pulse power

High Quality Configuration

·High speed non-electrolytic pulse power with alternating polarity is adopted in our latest Generation High precision wire cutting machine.  This to make the positive and negative ionsgenerated in the processing basically remain in situ, inhibit the occurrence of electrolytic corrosion, prevent the formation of softening layer, and improve the service life of the mold.
·With unique leading finishing module, a 30mm thickness workpiece’s surface roughness can be quickly machined to Ra=0.4μm or less.
·Dedicated mirror finishing power supply, the best surface roughness Ra≤0.25μm.

2nd Generation of P-Series: Super High Precision wire cutting machines


Super Precision and high wire cut machine with continue fed copper/Brass-based wire for super high precision and high surface quality. The wire is usually made of brass or stratified copper, and is between 0.05 and 0.3 mm diameter and for single use.
Closed loop 0.5µm direct measuring scales guarantee the microscopic precision.
Equipped with High Response drives.


Novicut - P - IInd Generation - 2020

Precision - Speed - Auto rewire - Stability - Affordable

Machine Model Novicut-P360-II Novicut-P500-II
Travels X/Y/Z mm 360×250×210 500×350×300
Travels U/V mm 100×100( with optional AWF:90×90) 100×100( with optional AWF:90×90)
Max.cutting taper °/mm ±30°/50mm ±30°/50mm
Size of work tank mm 910×680×260 1120×800×350
Size of worktable mm 650×485 800×585
Max.size of workpiece mm 900×600×210 1000×600×295
Max.weight of workpiece kg 400 500
Type of machining Submerged/Flushing Submerged/Flushing
Diameter of closed wire guide mm φ0.15~φ0.30 φ0.15~φ0.30
Diameter of electrode wire mm 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30
Dimensions of wire reel mm Max. outside diameter φ160 Max. outside diameter φ160
Wire tension Automatic constant tension Automatic constant tension
Wire speed mm/s Up to 200 Up to 200
Threading device Optional automatic wire threading device(AWF) Optional automatic wire threading device(AWF)
Size of machine mm 2700×2300×2250 2850×2400×2250
Weight of machine kg 3000 3300
Max.cutting speed mm²/min 160(φ0.25 brass wire)/250(optional) 160(φ0.25 brass wire)/250(optional)
Best roughness μm Ra≤0.45(0.25 optional) Ra≤0.45(0.25 optional)
Work type AC MOSFET non-electrolytic power AC MOSFET non-electrolytic power
Standard technics Steel,carbide,copper,graphite Steel,carbide,copper,graphite
CNC control system      
Control system CPU CPU
Operation system Windows Windows
Hardware configuration 64G ssd,17″LCD 64G ssd,17″LCD
Input/output interface Keyboard,USB,LAN Keyboard,USB,LAN
Axes controlled XYUVZ axes(4 axes controlled simultaneously) XYUVZ axes(4 axes controlled simultaneously)
Memory function With memory function With memory function
Power supply system      
Standard power supply V 3x380V 50/60Hz 3x380V 50/60Hz
Max.machining current A 25 25
Power input KVA 7 7

The Novicut-P range puts efficiency at the touch of your finger with a smart, easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI) and onboard technologies that streamline your job setup, improve your cutting speed, improve your surface finish, protect your valuable workpieces, and ensure your process robustness.